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Wednesday 8 March 6:00 pm > 6:45 pm  

Ideation, prototyping, industrialization : toolbox of a successful digital transformation!




Benoît THIEULIN - Director of La Netscouade, and Innovation Director, Open 

Stéphane MESSIKA - CEO KYNAPSE by Open 


Review of Open Keynote :

It’s never easy to promote the digital transformation, whether you belong to a large group with a long history and a solid economic model, or to a start-up based on a user culture. Benoit Thieulin, Innovation Director at Open, used this observation to remind his audience that for such a transformation to be a success, certain fundamentals are essential: processes must be followed and organisations must be revamped, because this is no minor change but a veritable revolution, as important as the invention of the printing press. But while it took three hundred years for the printing press to impose change, digital will only take a generation or two. So, it’s not surprising that this movement is complicated and makes us feel like we’re caught in a digital whirlwind.
Benoit Thieulin believes we need to understand the cultural side of uses, and consider the example of GAFA companies, which positioned themselves Over The Top. Rather than try to control everything from end to end, they positioned themselves between the client and the service, thereby modifying the business model. They didn’t make any major technological innovations but usage and design innovations.
So, concretely, how does the company transform itself? How does it take this paradigm shift into consideration? For his part, Stéphane Messika, CEO at Kynapse by Open, thinks the focus needs to be on four areas: rethinking products and services, reinventing customer relations in a world of immediacy, improving internal processes, and considering the (digital) image that the company wants to present. To do this, Open set up Fast Lab, a programme that speeds up deployment of the digital transformation by leaning on six pillars.
In his conclusion, Benoit Thieulin reminded the audience that while it’s good to look to the future, “we can’t forget how important it is to get used to the digital transformation with projects immersed in a digital breeding ground”.

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