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Keynote VMware

Thursday 9 March 09:00am > 09:45am

How does the digital workspace transform Business Units?

If digital transformation is not the prerogative of IT, it cannot succeed without a solid technological base. This is the role of the digital workspace, a unique platform that accompanies end-to-end organizations in their digital and mobile projects. Through the testimony of an actor from the energy sector we will see the fundamental contribution of this new workspace for all the jobs of the company. And how it helps collaborators to be more productive, agile and creative while ensuring the security of information and terminals.


Michel BERTRAND - DSI, Powernext

Karim DJAMAI - Senior Director Mobility France, VMware

Carla SARKIS - Sales Director, Airwatch Mobility Solution, Southern Europe, VMware


Review of VMware Keynote :

Digital technologies are shaking up the way we live and work. According to Carla Sarkis, SEMEA Desktop & Mobile End User Computing Director at VMware, we’re even experiencing a new industrial revolution that’s affecting every one of us: not just Gen Ys and Millennials, but also Gen Xers who have also adopted digital tools in their own way, and are migrating to new applications. While this is a concern for some, Carla Sarkis and Karim Djamai, Senior Director Mobility France at VMware, showed just how useful this paradigm shift is for organisations. Because letting employees access their data anywhere and on any device in complete security improves productivity and even generates additional income. But beware, Karim Djamai warns: a solid and integrated platform is needed to offer this availability and give users most of the services they need, and not a jumble of tools that rebuilds silos. That’s the very reason for the existence of the Digital Workspace, whose set-up and use were illustrated by Michel Bertrand, IS Director at PowerNext. This new kind of working environment invites both BUs and IT divisions to rethink how they work.