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Opening conference

Tuesday 7 mars 5:45pm > 7:00pm

"Mobile and connected generation : The World As A Service era rang !" with an introduction of The Boston Consulting Group.

Introduction of the Boston Consulting Group: 

Next wave of digital transformation: Personalized Customer experience

  • Mobile is core to this transformation as the nomad and personal device
  • A BCG proprietary survey shows that Personalized experience get ROI on sales and marketing efficiency 40% to 100%
  • Success in Perzonalization changes radically marketing and sales organization and behaviors

Pierre-Yves JOLIVET - Partner and Managing Director, BOSTON CONSULTING GROUP 



What if this famous customer experience so coveted by brands mostly lied on a cocktail of customized services, ultimate levers to seduce, engage and retain connected and mobile customer loyalty? Freed from technological constraints thanks to SaaS, a large number of brands have been engulfed in the mobile application race, from the most futile to the most useful, exploding in 10 years their number from 500 to 3 billions. Except than few of them really knew how to convince their users. 
Much more than a simple promise, the customer experience thought under service and individual angles is the only one that can lead to a sustainable engagement, irretrievably projecting IT Directions & Business Units in a new world, a world of services, The World As A Service. It is time that brands learn how to imagine, pilot and master this new universe where the experiential approaches the transactional. A world where, with the entrance of conversational trade and artificial intelligence, the "ecosystem" of the consumer risks taking over, little by little, the one of the brands. Finally, a world, in which the trust of an omnipotent generation of consumers can not be obtained without the necessary digital transformation of brands.
So, without waiting: Cap on this new world of World As A Service.


Héloise BELDICO - Director of Digital Customer Experience, LA BANQUE POSTALE

Vincent FILLON - Mobile strategy and development director, AIR FRANCE

Michael KODOCHIAN - ‎Innovation & Strategic Projects Director, ATOL LES OPTICIENS

Anne-Léone CAMPANELLA - Deputy Regional Director Center-Val de Loire, User Experience and Digital Division, Pôle emploi




Review of the opening conference : 

ROOMn 2017 opened with a conference about World as a Service. Service is becoming even more fundamental at a time when technological constraints seem to have been relegated to the back burner and when consumers interact with their environment in real time (on their cell phones). It is the key way for companies to stand out. In his introduction, Pierre-Yves Jolivet, Partner and Managing Director at The Boston Consulting Group, noted that companies can meet this need today because all the conditions are present to personalise customer service, with service, data and thoughtful advice. We’ve reached a turning point with mature technologies and consumers agreeing to share their personal information in exchange for more pertinent services. For many, a personalised response to client needs has even become a criterion in choosing a supplier. And there’s good news: every organisation, large and small, can take part, because the technology is quite affordable. But, the time to act is now, because the first ones to join this new era will enjoy a competitive advantage. And, this will have a major impact on the effectiveness of marketing and on brand loyalty.
Following this presentation, at the round table chaired by Majda Chaplain (CEO at MC Factory), La Banque Postale (Héloïse Beldico, Director of Digital Customer Experience), Air France (Vincent Fillon, Mobile Strategy & Development Director), Atol Les Opticiens (Michael Kodochian, Innovation & Strategic Projects Director) and Pôle Emploi (Anne-Léone Campanella , Regional Assistant Director for Centre-Val de Loire / User Experience and Digital Division) shared their vision of this World as a Service. Though they belong to different sectors, these organisations have all seen uses change, with customers showing up at stores well informed, often having already compared products, solutions or services, and with over half interacting via their cell phone. So, brands have to adapt their offer. Even at Pôle Emploi employment centres, where the goal is “to have the fewest users possible”, services need to be overhauled because the first contact for job hunters is no longer the Agency but Google. This approach requires revamping the organisation, with new working methods based on agility, Proofs of Concept (POC), in-house challenges and necessary dialogue between BUs and IT.