Interview with Arthur COUGET, Data Scientist, CyberValue

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Artificial Intelligence serving anomaly detection 

The French start-up has developed a solution helping companies identify anomalies through data analysis. The solution offers productivity and efficiency gains in a time of digital transformation. 

Today, no business is immune to anomalies, attacks, breakdowns or fraud on its information systems. Especially since they are involved in the digital transformation, organisations are increasingly open to the outside world and handle huge amounts of data. In this context, it is absolutely essential that they detect internal and external anomalies, known and even more so unknown ones. This is the market niche chosen by CyberValue, a Paris-region start-up that will be present at ROOMn 2018. CyberValue’s solution uses Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning, Deep Learning, etc.) and uses in-depth analyses to detect information system anomalies.  

The self-learning solution uses pre-defined behavioural profiles that are enriched each time they are used. “We propose a totally transparent solution that responds to many uses. We have developed a methodology that lets us quickly gain competence on the topics addressed and understand the company’s problems. The goal is to allow our contacts — CISOs, data scientists, fraud or maintenance managers — to set aside the technical part to focus on their business and their added value," explains co-founder Arthur Couget. Whether medicine, insurance, industry or distribution, every sector of activity is concerned by these issues. And while businesses are aware of the phenomenon, many don’t to know how to deal with it. “The main reasons are financial losses and lost productivity," emphasises the young entrepreneur who insists on the importance of good operation and data management. These will be among the major themes discussed at ROOMn 2018. 

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