Through a program of conferences, workshops, round tables developed by a steering committee, discover current and future trends in mobility and digital transformation.

Wednesday 7 March - 05:00pm  > 05:45pm 

Company-Intrapreneurship labs: What's been happening?

Many major groups are launching company labs in order to help them consider or accelerate their digital transformation. These labs offer many benefits for testing different management methods; revealing new forms of innovation; combining internal resources with external contractors, etc. But then what? How do you industrialize the processes implemented by the lab? How do you reintegrate your people (especially the teams that worked in the lab for several months)? Is the outcome the creation of a start-up? All of these questions will be addressed in this round table through the experiences of companies having set up labs.

Moderator : Florence Puybareau, Director of Communication and Content - DG Consultants 
Speakers :

  • Eric Chauvineau, Innovation Director Water - France SUEZ
  • Pierre-Philippe Cormeraie, Chief Digital Evangelist - BPCE Group
  • Guillaume Dolbeau, Head of Innovation - PMU

What’s new in Mobile First?

A few years ago, companies swore by Mobile First. Now that the war has been won (or almost), where are companies at? While mobile technologies are a lever of transformation, experience has shown that they do not concern only digital teams. How have organizations included this element in their strategies, whether marketing, sales, etc.?

Moderator : Alexandre Jubien, Mobile Strategist and member of the Steering Committee of ROOMn
Speakers :

  • Thomas Husson, Vice-President and Principal Analyst - Forrester
  • Sandrine Jaeglé, Web & mobile solutions - BNP Paribas Group Communications

ChatBot: A tool serving internal productivity

The year 2017 saw the explosion of chatbots, conversational entities that are revolutionising the user experience and communication with customers. However, chatbots are not intended to remain only B-to-C tools. More and more businesses are using them internally to add productivity to certain development process, to train/guide employees or to share know-how. This round table will provide an opportunity to look back on a growing phenomenon and share experiences and good practices.

Moderator Olivier Bouzereau, Journalist

Speakers :

  • Pierre-Eric Cognard, CISO, Valeurs et SI 
  • Moussa Zaghdoud, Head of Cloud Business Unit ALE
  • Karine Del Medico, Head of SmartLab EDF – COMMERCE

Data: What happened to the revolution?

Has data (sometimes described as 21st century black gold) really exploded? The debate is open. Some doubt it, as they see BI/Big Data software running idle and data scientists "twiddling their thumbs". And so we begin to wonder: is it because of the quality of the data? Have we not explained enough how and why the data should be processed? Where is this long-awaited use? For others, the situation is clear: "data has real value and without data scientists, the company dies." An interesting topic of discussion for this round table featuring a sharing of experiences.

Moderator : Frédéric Charles, Director Digital Strategy and Innovation Suez Smart Solutions and member of the Steering Committee of ROOMn


  • Romain Tales, Head of the data center, Etalab  
  • Charlotte Condamine, Chief Data Officer, SG Private Banking

Thursday 8 March - 09:00am  > 09:45am

Digital transformation, and especially employee transformation

The digital transformation is also (and perhaps above all) an HR issue because its success depends on employee transformation. If employees do not understand and/or do not adhere to the company project and if they have not been trained accordingly, they will not be able to participate in this transformation under optimal conditions, internally or externally (with clients, partners, etc.). This paradigm shift means that the company has to train, inform, integrate new skills and know-how to evolve its business. But how? What errors must a company avoid, and conversely, what are the good practices? What is HR’s role in assistance? All of these important questions will be discussed at this round table.

Moderator : Florence Puybareau, Director of Communication and Content - DG Consultants 
Speakers :

  • Sylvie Chauvin, Presidente - Markess 
  • Catherine Lardy, Director of Transformation - Inter Mutuelles Assistance 
  • Alexandre Fernandez-Toro, CISO

Who are the key players in digital transformation? (in partnership with Alliancy)

Faced with a plethora of offers, companies want to be certain to find the best interlocutors to advise and support them in their digital transformation projects. How to make the right choice? Who are the key players in the market? To answer this question, Alliancy magazine in partnership with ROOMn has conducted a major survey whose first results will be unveiled exclusively during this roundtable.

Moderator : Sylvain Fievet, Publication director - Alliancy 


  • Denis Cammas, Director of Infrastructure France - Generali
  • Céline Malgras, former CDO/Group Digitalization and E-Commerce Director - Guy Degrenne

GDPR: Take the opportunity to strengthen trust and create value

The European data protection regulation, applicable in May 2018, has been the source of great debate. Many market players have focussed only on the coercive aspect of GDPR, forgetting that it could also become an opportunity. Some companies have understood the interest of compliance and organized their business accordingly, even going so far as to appoint Data Business Officers responsible for using the collected data. This round table will provide an opportunity to learn about these companies’ approaches and to see how GPDR can be a tool to enhance data use and strengthen trust (customers, employees, etc.).

Moderator : Eric Domage, Strategic Marketing Analyst and member of the Steering Committee of ROOMn
Speakers :

  • Florent Gastaud, Data Protection Officer - OVH
  • Paul-Olivier Gibert, President - AFCDP

Company: How to prepare for the arrival of Artificial Intelligence

While it is difficult to predict exactly how the AI will evolve, market experts believe that its adoption is faster than expected. The development of AI is accelerating. Companies and their teams must therefore effectively understand the integrations and uses of AI.

Moderator : Fabrice Frossard, Journalist and Foundeur of Faber Content
Speakers :

  • Hicham El Azzouzy, Artificial Intelligence project manager, IT EDF
  • Raquel Garcia Perona, Product Manager WIKTI Datafactory - SUEZ
  • Aude Vinzerich, Head of IA EDF division - IT Services Department 

Thursday 8 March - 02:00pm  > 02:45pm

The transformation of industrial processes by IoT

The digitization of companies favors the switchover of many industrial processes towards IoT. But how and in what context? Based on the testimonials of professionals, this round table animated by Connectwave® (experimentation platform and uses dedicated to the understanding of Connected Objects and Contactless) will be an opportunity to explore technologies, the application values and the returns on investment that the industry can draw.

Moderator: Nicolas de Guillebon, Project Manager Connectwave

  • Carlos Lopes Roseiro, APM Manager, SBM Offshore
  • Pierfranck PELACCHI, Commercial director, Société Monégasque de l'Electricité et du Gaz