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ROOMn, the unmissable business meeting that brings together for 3 days 700 participants involved in the mobility and digital transformation of companies.

Interview of Alexandra MAILLIARD, Digital Transition Assistance Manager at AG2R LA MONDIALE

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« ROOMn’s focus on the IT/BU convergence is a move in the right direction »


What major stages in your career led you to where you are today?

My first experience in e-commerce was in 1996 when I created websites for BHV and then for Le Printemps. After that, I worked for an agency as a consultant on content and digital communications issues. Then in 2011, I joined the social welfare group, AG2R La Mondiale, as internet manager. At the time, we had about 100 websites for our activities and sponsorship issues (sailing, cycling, etc.). I also handled social networks, and that was when we created our first mobile apps. Only e-commerce wasn't one of my duties. In 2014, I was made responsible for assisting in the group’s digital transformation. 

How are you conducting this digital transformation?

I work in the Training Department (HR) and I help employees improve their digital skills. For example, we teach them how to use social networks better. It’s a very user-centric approach. The goal is to help employees more clearly understand the stakes and impacts of digital technologies in their daily work and, obviously, help them better serve our clients. We work all across France, wherever our employees are. We built this program with them to ensure it would meet their needs, as well as to ensure they assimilate it, because digital technologies can really shake up how people work. We ran pilots before deploying the solutions. We now offer several ways to get used to digital technologies: good practices workshops, peer training, digital passports, video tutorials made using smartphones, etc. Some of the content and good digital practices were created by the divisions, because they have to make sense to our employees and we need to ensure we address business concerns. That’s key for us. Right from the start, I worked with group management: marketing, digital, IS, communication, etc. 

What do you expect from an event like ROOMn? 

First of all, to meet people I don’t have time to see during the rest of the year, and companies that aren’t necessarily very well known. I also come to see what my peers are doing, the challenges they’re facing, and so on. ROOMn’s focus on the IT/BU convergence is a move in the right direction because we’re having to concentrate more and more on user concerns. IT has to serve internal clients more and bring forward proposals, and to do that it has to have a good understanding of uses.



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