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ROOMn, the unmissable business meeting that brings together for 3 days 700 participants involved in the mobility and digital transformation of companies.

Interview of Majda CHAPLAIN, CEO at MC Factory

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« ROOMn’s goal is to eliminate silos and try to bring together the Back and Front Office »


Can you tell us a bit how you became a corporate digital transformation specialist?

In part, my current position reflects my initial training because I studied both management information systems and marketing. That naturally led me to work for software publishers designing customer offers. So I had a product- and customer-oriented R&D focus. Then I wanted to get involved in offer marketing strategies, an area where my product and customer expertise were a real plus. So, backed by this dual experience, I’ve always worked to break down the walls between marketing and technology.

Why did you switch to consulting?

I wondered how I could help companies break down these famous silos and help them in the transformation while maintaining a customer-centric vision. My experience gives me a 360° view of companies and lets while being neutral with respect to different fields. Not wearing a publisher or manufacturer’s hat, it’s easier to get into company departments and spread your message. So that’s why I created a web TV six years ago where my guests and I talk about marketing and digital topics, insisting on this customer-centric approach.

What does ROOMn have to offer?

ROOMn is a good fit with my career. It’s an event like me, combining IT and business. And its goal is to eliminate silos and try to bring together the Back and Front Office. This is really important because with the creation of new positions (like IoT director), there’s always the risk of creating new silos. ROOMn is the place where marketing and IT managers work together.



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