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Keynote OPEN - Becoming a platform company is it the graal ?

Wednesday 7 March - 09:00am > 09:45am

"Companies that will become central players in the 21st century will be technological, social and interactional platforms" ​​predicts Gilles Babinet, reinforcing the IDC firm's analysis that "80% of companies with a foot in the digital world will have created or worked around a platform by 2018 ".
Thus, as soon as we have finished understanding the concepts of datascience, Big Data, then Artificial Intelligence, we now have to work on the platform concept. Everything must be open, we must share our data, our services, our tools ..., internally and externally!
The great successes of the digital economy suggest that "Becoming a platform company" would help develop competitiveness and target the market more effectively. But does this concept really apply to any type of business, regardless of the business model?
Taking the example of some major brands, this keynote will be an opportunity to give a clear definition of the model by presenting its benefits and limitations. And we will also see how each organization can adapt it according to its activity and its resources.