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For a successful digital transformation, access to data has to be simplified

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Tableau is a new partner of ROOMn in 2018. The company's Southern Europe Director, Edouard Beaucourt, considers the importance of data processing and governance...

... in the digital transformation.

Edouard Beaucourt
You put data at the heart of the digital transformation. But you don’t think it’s being exploited to its full potential? 

The digital transformation is everywhere, both in trade and in the way we do business. Even internet pure players, like e-merchants, are seeing their historic environment become increasingly digitised. Data is at the centre of this process; it’s the black gold of the 21st century. Yet paradoxically, despite its importance, this nugget is often difficult to access. With SQL queries, Excel files and other things, accessing data is complicated. As a result, projects using it are being held back. 

What do you recommend? 

We have to simplify access to data and adopt true governance to ensure that everyone has the same information. To make data easier to explore and handle, the company has to choose tools that require no special computing development skills. Then, it has to adopt an approach to understanding data by making it easier to implement solutions like datamarts.

The digital transformation: a question of life or death? 

Absolutely, and more so today with the internet than in the 1990s because the degree of technological maturity and the speed of adoption are so much greater. I see three major trends that should encourage or even require companies to head down the transformation path: competitive tensions introduced by new entrants (both major US suppliers and local start-ups). New generations are arriving on the job market, challenging the established order and they won’t hesitate to leave if it doesn’t suit them. And finally, there are clients’ and suppliers’ needs. 

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