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ROOMn, the unmissable business meeting that brings together for 3 days 700 participants involved in the mobility and digital transformation of companies.

Interview of Alexandre JUBIEN, independent expert in mobile strategy

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"ROOMn is an outstanding event in the Digital world"

Can you tell us a bit about your career path? 

I started my career as a developer. In the early 2000s, I developed video games for mobile devices, and then in 2003, I worked on mobile app projects for Orange and Alcatel. We were convinced that these mobile apps had a bright future ahead of them. In 2005, I created a start-up for advertising technologies in games and apps. But we were ahead of our time and weren’t able to find a market. So, my time as an entrepreneur was short, but I would soon become an “intrapreneur”. Through my work, I had acquired skills and know-how that I could share with others. So, in 2008, I joined Deezer, a strongly growing company, and stayed there for three years, creating the mobile and app department. Then, I spent 16 months at Viadéo, building the mobile team and working on apps. I left the company in 2012 to go freelance as a consultant/expert. 

And what is your role today? 

As a freelancer, I can work with all kinds of clients, both large groups and start-ups. They all have needs but with different expectations and scopes. Large companies focus more on mobility and innovation, and set up laboratories for R&D or to coach start-ups. Small structures are looking more for methods and management. As I’ve acquired experience, I’ve been able to explore many different fields: music, press/media, home automation, health services, insurance, energy, agriculture, and more.

What do you think of ROOMn? 

I discovered this event as a participant in a round table, before joining the editorial committee. I really appreciate the professionalism of the event, which is important to share messages and experience. And I’m blown away by the quality of content. ROOMn is an outstanding event in the digital world that provides opportunities for enriching discussions with well-placed people in a relaxed atmosphere. The event’s guests come from many different industries and can discuss the issues they share. The most important thing is the quality of the content. It truly helps decision making. 



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