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ROOMn, the unmissable business meeting that brings together for 3 days 700 participants involved in the mobility and digital transformation of companies.

Interview of Thierry BETTINI, Sales and Marketing Director at Ilex

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"ROOMn is worthwhile for both partners and guests"


Can you tell us a bit about Ilex?

Ilex was created 27 years ago. It’s almost one of the oldies of computing. We publish security software solutions, and specialise in identity and access management. The scope of IAM has evolved with the development of the digital economy and mobility. Our clients have joined the digital transformation and they expect their partners to provide innovative and efficient solutions that are a good fit with their security policies.

ROOMn is intended to be an event that brings together IT and BUs. How could Ilex, as a technological company, fit in this approach?

We believe there can be no digital transformation without security. Obviously, we know how to talk to technical experts, but we’re also used to working with the business units to which we offer solutions to improve their processes. It’s not a new approach. Five years ago already, we had a feeling that mobility would become a hot topic. So, we talked with our clients about how we could deploy our solutions on cell phones and tablets and put business needs at the heart of our considerations, because BUs are demanding more and more digital mobile solutions.

What does an event like ROOMn have to offer you?

We attend a lot of trade shows in both France and abroad, which gives us a good view of the market. ROOMn, with its hand-picked visitors, is different from the others: we see strong motivation and true commitment in everyone present. ROOMn is worthwhile for both partners and visitors: you need to attend with goals in mind and prepare for it ahead of time. You don’t attend ROOMn just to pass the time. Partners promote their projects, while clients take decisions and make choices. There are also conferences and round tables that reveal major market trends. Mobility is a topic that affects a very large base, and an event like ROOMn lets us hammer home our security message and rub shoulders with decision makers in the business.

You have attended every edition of ROOMn since the beginning. What do you think of the evolution of this business meeting?

Over the years, the event has moved closer to BUs, which is characteristic of the digital transformation, an issue now being addressed at the highest corporate levels. ROOMn provides an overall picture and lets us position ourselves on strategic topics. This means that publishers like Ilex need to modify their pitches to be less technical and to focus more on users’ concerns. This also helps us develop roadmaps that are in line with market needs. ROOMn helps us stay in synch with our prospects and our clients.


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