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ROOMn, the unmissable business meeting that brings together for 3 days 700 participants involved in the mobility and digital transformation of companies.

Interview of Bernard DUPRE, Research and Innovation Director at RATP

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«ROOMn is an opportunity to meet established suppliers and to discuss good practices»


What was your career path leading up to the position you’re in today? 

My past experience was marked especially by telecoms and mobility. I began my career at the Ministry of the Interior on an alert system for fire fighters, and I also helped to write the telecoms part of the Orsec disaster plans. Next, I worked on the professional radio technologies that preceded mobile. In particular at Alcatel on solutions intended for public transit, among other things. In 1993, I was hired by RATP, which planned to purchase a TETRA network. So, my job was to rework the radio system. Then, I worked on unified communications (web conferencing, office automation tools, etc.). After that, seven years ago, I moved to marketing to work on innovative projects. Here, I’m responsible for identifying and experimenting with new customer relations and traveller information services. 

This position straddles a number of company positions?

Absolutely. In my job, I work with a lot of different people: sales and marketing, computer engineering as well as innovation. My activities include pilots for new digital, fixed and mobile services. For example, we have designed tags for bus stops that receive traffic information and a neighbourhood map from QR codes, SMS, NFC, etc. RATP is currently working with mobile operators on installing 3G in the metro and RER, but we’re running into a lot of technical problems. The goal is to have broad coverage by the end of 2017. We have also installed Wi-Fi in Orlybus and Roissybus, but there again, the ground-bus link is complex for on-board Wi-Fi. I also initiated a privacy-by-design programme for customer data. The goal is for travellers to be able to optimise their route based on their agenda while maintaining control over their data. 

What do you expect from an event like ROOMn? 

I’ve seen the event change in the past two years. I think it’s headed in the right direction with speakers who have a business vision. Plus, unlike other – often Parisian – events where you only stay a few hours, ROOMn provides full immersion. It is an opportunity to meet established suppliers, discuss good practices and get advice from companies presenting user cases. I attend for the operational side. It helps me with our current projects. 



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