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Interview of Stéphane DELBECQUE, Digital Experience Director at Axa Group Solution

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« ROOMn provides the synergy we're looking for »


What was your career path leading up to the position you’re in today? 

There are no real guidelines, rather a series of opportunities that I was able to seize. I started working in the mobility field in the early 2000s, at a time when few people understood what it was all about. Then, I moved to California and was one of the first people to develop an app for AppStore in 2008. I created a start-up while I was living in the US, and was part of an ecosystem built around digital technologies. When I returned to France in 2013, I was offered a job in mobile strategy at AXA, and I was appointed director of the digital experience at AXA Group Solution early this year. 

What does this position entail? 

AXA Group Solutions provides expertise to all of AXA’s entities worldwide for digital, social media, analytics, user experience (UX) and AB testing. We work on strategy, developing ad-hoc solutions, training, etc. We do a lot of things, which explains the diversity of my team (23 people) that includes developers, designers, architects, and analytics specialists. But it’s bound to grow because we want to move more from being a service company to a consulting firm. 

What do you expect from an event like ROOMn?

I expect to see how technical solutions and IT can serve marketing needs. IT often offers pre-packaged solutions that don't always meet marketing needs. We need to create a connection. But most events are either highly technical or with a definite marketing bent. By looking more to mobility while maintaining a technical side, ROOMn provides the synergy we’re looking for. 



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