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Interview of Christophe Litzinger, technical offers manager at Amaris

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A new partner at ROOMn in 2018, Amaris assists companies in their digital transformation. Application development is a strategic element in this context.

Christophe Litzinger
You work on mobile apps. What do companies expect in this area?

The market for apps is now mature. For businesses, the challenge is to have the right app and ensure that it’s well hosted and secure. The media, the device is of little importance. What counts most is the interface which is constantly evolving, especially with the use of artificial intelligence that will transform uses not only for users but for developers as well. 

What do you mean?

There are different technological choices to be made when developing a mobile app (native, hybrid app) that will be deployed via a store. There are also Progressive Web Apps (PWA) that use the best web technologies to offer a user experience similar to the native experience. However, they require a browser. For businesses, they represent huge savings in terms of the speed of development but financial savings as well. Apps no longer need to be submitted to a store, which simplifies updates. However, PWAs won’t completely replace other types of apps. We believe the future will be mixed, depending on the company’s digital strategy and the purpose of the app. 

Why be at ROOMn? 

The app example shows that the digital transformation concerns as much the IT departments as clients and BUs. ROOMn is certainly an opportunity to increase our visibility, but we also want to show that we are a key player in the transformation. And this transformation has to include simplifying the user experience, infrastructures, data security and terminal management.

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