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Interview with Sylvie Chauvin, presidente, MARKESS

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“There’s no digital transformation without an employee evolution": the latest study by this consulting and market analysis firm insists on the importance of changing employee organisation and duties to guarantee success. Sylvie Chauvin will speak at ROOMn 2018 to describe the results of the study. 


Most companies are involved in the digital transformation. Still, youre cautious with respect to the current discourse?

Yes, because the digital transformation is a bit of an overused concept and is sometimes used incorrectly. We should not forget that digital technologies are a means to an end. The objective is to be able to "do business", therefore give value to what digital technologies will bring. And that valuation is done in particular using data. The challenge for businesses is to exploit the data, and to do so, they have to optimise the information flow irrigating their entire ecosystem and take advantage of new models based on technologies such as cloud computing, mobile, collaboration, the IOT, etc. 

Which requires a change of approach and of working methods?  

Absolutely. Before, digital transformation projects were isolated, with clear and structured scopes. CRMs were this type of project. Today, we work on expanded and more complex innovation projects based on agile methods, with POC. The innovation department works fully on these projects, which are more collaborative in nature and shorter. There are no more master plans! All BUs and the IT department get involved and try to work together. 

What are the consequences for employees? 

Just like for customers, we need to develop the employee experience and staff engagement: look after your employees and they'll look after your customers. To do that, they need tools and applications they use on a daily basis, and they need to feel fulfilled in order to promote company messages in a positive way and be proactive. It is a question of business culture and it is also HR’s role to accompany this digital transformation dynamic. HR is beginning to understand its importance in this approach but needs to go even further. 

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