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Interview with Daniel JUCHAULT, Deputy General Director of Waycom

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Waycom is a telecom operator and host. How are these elements important for the corporate digital transformation? 

The digital transformation has led to a simplification of uses. For example, users want to have the same services on their mobile phone or on IP telephony, as they have on their fixed phones, such as call forwarding or video conferencing. This unification of uses across all types of devices (which is without a doubt key to mobility) hides the increasingly complex technologies to be put in place for the end user. That's why it is so important to control them well. 

There is also a quality demand to increase staff mobility, while paradoxically, you’re also seeing regressions? 

Absolutely. Mobile phones are certainly at the heart of the corporate digital transformation, but at the same time, they have degraded the usefulness and primary use of telephony. An employee could, for example, make a call and be cut off several times without giving it a second thought, because he knows that he can check his collaborative messaging or inbox. So, we've come to accept poorer call quality despite having more features. The challenge now is to restore this quality and comfort of use for users in order to control calls wherever they are. 

While maintaining or even increasing security? 

Yes, it is essential to guarantee the security of the data traffic whether from employees' fixed or mobile phones. As a host, Waycom guarantees maximum security through the robustness of its infrastructure and the redundancy of its platforms in its data centres.

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