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ROOMn, the unmissable business meeting that brings together for 3 days 700 participants involved in the mobility and digital transformation of companies.

Interview with Sylvain FIEVET, Publication director of Alliancy

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The magazine Alliancy is conducting a major survey in partnership with ROOMn, aimed at identifying the top 100 partners of the digital transformation. Initial results will be presented at a round table on Thursday 8 March.

Why conduct this type of survey? 

We are now coming out of the cycle where it was necessary to preach the importance of the digital transformation. Now it’s time to go further, to make the promises reality and offer proof that the concepts really work. But to do this, suppliers need more clarification on what they are and what they do. It's a challenge for everyone, partners and users alike. 

And what is Alliancy’s role in this clarification process? 

Alliancy’s role is to talk to "transformers", to share feedback and situations experienced in companies. We help partners understand these transformations and be able to explain them. Today, we can no longer solve problems just by talking about solutions. Companies are now looking more for agile partners to help them rather than sell them products. This means we need to observe uses, and move from a logic of functionality to one of assisting users. And we need to involve new experts, like anthropologists, for example. 

What does your partnership with ROOMn offer? 

ROOMn is an event that illustrates the current trends of this digital transformation very well. We share the same vision and know that we have to create bridges between digital players and users based on uses. It’s very interesting to be part of this type of event. We hope to help decrypt the situation and serve as facilitators.

See the website of Alliancy.

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