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Interwiew with Laurent Cayatte, CEO of Metsys

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Metsys will be at ROOMn from 6 to 8 March 2018. Its president and founder looks back on the essential dialogue between IT and BUs to complete the digital transformation.


How have you seen the digital transformation put in place bit by bit in companies?

There have been several phases such as MDM, company stores and BYOD, but mobile devices are key in this transformation. The challenge was to popularize uses in order to bring applications to BUs in a secure environment. And as an ESN, we found ourselves at the convergence between IT and BUs.

What are the contacts of the digital transformation today?

Four or five years ago, our direct contacts were IT people. Today, projects are clearly initiated by the BUs that have identified uses. Technical solutions are developed based on this, and no longer the contrary where we first started with the technology. But the ISD maintains control and remains a signatory. There are several reasons for this: the ISD doesn’t want to lose its "value" and, most of all, it’s attentive to ensure decisions are not taken too hastily by the BUs. Because these projects have an impact on the IT infrastructure.

Still, the conversation between the two worlds isn’t always easy.

No, we have to adapt the language. Our role is also to act as an intermediary between these two worlds that have long worked side by side but separately. We need to know how to translate BUs’ needs into technical solutions. But the situations have really evolved: ISDs are now becoming digital divisions because computing is transforming, with digital technologies playing an increasingly important role. And new technologies, like augmented reality, will accelerate this convergence between IT and BUs even more.

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